Sunday, January 6, 2008

What do you do when the Fantasy Season ends...Start a blog

Well, I have found myself in the horrible position of having completed my fantasy football season and not really wanting it to be over. Partly, this is because I won the championship for my league and don't want the joy to end. But it is also because I am just not willing to let it go. I could join a league for another sport, like basketball or hockey, but I just don't care enough about these sports to bother.

Sadly though, football season is kaput and it will be a long wait until baseball season begins. To pass the time and also to try to figure out just how in the hell I actually did win the championship, I would like to analyze the past season to figure out what went right and wrong along the way. And believe me, there was a lot of good and bad this season.

I would love to think that someone will be able to read these posts and mimic my success in this past season, but frankly I am not positive how it happened, let alone sure how to explain it to others. Nevertheless, I will try to break it down as much for myself as for any readers who might pop in.

Thus begins our journey following the course of my championship season....

Oh and Aaron (the manager for Ron Mexico's Dogs in the UGA History Grads 2007 League), you sorry little wanker. Your reign of domination is over. Now, I am the Champion.

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