Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fantasy Playoff Challenge

My Team: The Oilers
Week: Wildcard • Divisional

Position Players Units

QB Manning, Peyton 71
RB Addai, Joseph 49
RB Barber, Marion 41
WR Wayne, Reggie 43
WR Harrison, Marvin 16
TE Clark, Dallas 27
K Vinatieri, Adam 25
DEF Colts 26

Total Team Units 298 out of 300

So far, here is my team with the Challenge. It really isn’t as fulfilling as the regular FFL. Too many uncertainties—feels more like a game of chance than one of skill to me. Like the difference between Craps and Black Jack or Poker. The points limit is also a bitch. It really is difficult to mix and match the best players with just 300 points, especially since guys like Brady and Moss are a bit over rated in my opinion.

Anyways, I picked these guys quickly because I think the Colts are a big sleeper. Everyone is talking about the invincibility of New England, but I think the Giants game proved they are beatable. Heck, even Indy had a chance to win earlier in the season despite how bad Peyton played. I picked up Barber because I really think Dallas has the NFC cinched if Owens comes into the game, although I can’t see them wining the super bowl—I hope I don’t regret saying this!?!

When I have more time, I plan tweak my team a little better, maybe getting a group of players that crosses both leagues better. The damn points make it difficult though.

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