Monday, January 14, 2008

Was that the right Manning?

Wow, were the games yesterday something or what? I knew there would be a Manning going to the next level, but I had no idea it would be Eli. I still don't understand what happened to the Cowboys. They had all there weapons ready and able, but just couldn't get it done. Of course, T.O came out in defense of Romo, but did anyone get the feeling his tear drenched defense of Romo was really meant to point blame at him? You know the saying, me thinks doth protest too much?

And the sunglasses! What was that all about? I didn't know dudes wore big ol girly glasses like that. My wife does, but I sure as hell wouldn't. Of course, I am no T.O. either. I guess the question now is can the Giants beat GB. I personally can't imagine it being possible, which probably means you should lay every bit a money you have on the Giants cuz I haven't picked many right so far.

That brings me to the Colts/Bolts game. What the fuck? I actually didn't see much of the game, so I can't comment on it completely. But how exactly did SD win? And where was this playoff Rivers during the season? I had him as my starter QB and he sucked so bad I dropped him part way through the season to pick up Matt Schaub, who turned out to be far more useful. Now, Rivers is amazing. He controls the game, he hits his receivers, he only throws 1 interception. Where was that guy when I needed him? But I know, they don't play for me just against me.

Now one has to wonder, Can San Diego beat the Patriots? Disregarding the injuries, can they win even if they are healthy? I have to say I am doubtful. SD has a spectacular defense, which is necessary to stop the Pats, but their offense--I just don't trust Rivers. It doesn't matter who else plays, everything starts and finishes with Rivers, and he is not reliable. The way he has telegraphed his passes this year, he can't help but throw picks. He can be so painfully obvious that I am surprised his receivers don't try to wave him off yelling, "dude, don't throw it, everyone knows its comin to me!"

And yet, with Rivers and the injuries, Indy couldn't get it done. Not that there would've been a repeat this year since the next game is in Foxboro...

BTW--In case you haven't noticed, I am totally out of the Fantasy Playoff Challenge. Don't really care, C'est la vie. Here's to another great weekend of playoffs, does anyone know when Fantasy Baseball season starts?

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