Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Playoffs so far

The play off games did not disappoint. In fact they were both great games for most of the contest. GB vs. Seattle game was insane. Watching those guys smash around in the snow made me want to go out and play. Although I thought they would win, I can't believe how dominant GB was during the game. Ryan Grant is solid and his reliability has really changed the GB game from pass to a more balanced form, which they will desperately need if they go further. GB also had incredible defensive play, but I am not sure how much longer that can last. It too, will be a necessity though.

What can be said about the NE v. JAX game. Elation, disappointment, acknowledgment to the apparent inevitableness of NE taking it all. Of all the teams in the playoffs, it felt like the Jags were the only one capable of beating NE. They have an incredible run game, plus a QB whose feet are as useful as his strong arm (Gerrard is starting to look like what everyone wished Michael Vick would be, an accurate running passer). But how do you maintain the perfect game of NE. They just don't seem to make mistakes. It must be daunting to their competition. The Jags played an incredible game, although they made a few mistakes. NE seemed to do nothing wrong.

The really appear to be unbeatable. To win against NE, not only does a team have to stop the NE offense machine and force them to make mistakes, but they cannot stop scoring on every possession and never make a mistake themselves. I never thought perfection in play was possible. I mean, we are human and people are prone to mistakes. But the Pats seem immune to that condition. It is sorta scary, and damned annoying cuz I am no fan of Belichick nor many of his boys.

It will be interesting to see who wins today. Indy seems a shoe in and may be the only team capable of beating NE left in the league. Despite the amazing talent of LT, there is no way SD can go much further. Philip Rivers played outside of himself last week, but that can't last long. Once he starts thinking again, the SD playoffs are over. The same goes for the Giants, it just doesn't seem believable that Eli can keep performing under the pressure much longer. Even if TO isn't much of a factor in this game, it seems like the Cowboys will do the impossible and end up beating the same team 3 times in one season.

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