Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Seven Deadly Sins of Fantasy Sports

I just came across this painting by Hieronymus Bosch called The Seven Deadly Sins... and thought it would make a great fantasy sports list of don'ts, so here it goes:

1. Luxuria -- Lust for the championship. It is one thing to want to win, and another to be willing to do anything for it. Lust can drive us to make stupid moves, whether it is dropping a under performing stud too early to colluding with another player for the win.

2. Gula -- Gluttony for points, points, and more points. While it is always important to get as many point as possible, you should never let your ravenousness hunger for points to over ride playing the last weekends flash in the pan for a proven stud who has had a bad week or two.

3. Avaritia -- Greed to acquire all those stud players. It is always important to have as many stud players as possible, but you can't let acquisitiveness take over every trade. Sometimes the price for a stud is more than the player is going to be worth. Never make a trade that will hurt your team, even if you get the greatest player in the game in the deal. Besides the biggest names aren't always the best Fantasy players.

4. Acedia -- Sloth speaks for itself. Nothing destroys a good draft more than a lazy manager. Even a bad draft can be over come by active management. Keep up on league news, player injuries, and random team information. You never know what might prove useful, even if it isn't about your players. You never know when you might be able to turn someone else's misery into a beneficial trade. Fantasy Sports require constant diligence, or your attention at least 20 to 30 minutes a day in order to be successful.

5. Ira -- Anger at poor player performances, the shear insanity of a trading partner, or just plain bad luck. Anger can make you make stupid mistakes, like benching or trading a stud; nixing a trade b/c you are tired of the other guys shenanigans; or giving up on your team b/c of a string of bad luck. When this shit happens, take a deep breath or step away from the computer for a few hours or even a day, then re-evaluate your next move. Never make a decision based in anger, as you will only come to regret it in the morning.

6. Invidia -- Envy of other team's stud players. Someone is always going to have a better player in some position than you do, so never let your covetousness go too far. While you want to own as many stud players as possible, remember that no one player can win the championship (unless his name is A-Rod last season in FB or Tom Brady in this years FF). Envy can drive us to make foolish one sided trades, giving up too much for the stud of the moment.

7. Superbia -- Pride in one's team is always good, but never take it too far. Every team has weaknesses (including yours), so you should always be looking for a way to make your team better through trades or waiver wire pick ups.

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