Monday, January 7, 2008

The Big Trade

While my team did well at the start, I recognized that I had a problem area. My TE sucked (Todd Heap) because he was always hurt. Even worse, my back up TE never played cuz his team sucked (St. Louis) and I could not find a consistent guy off the waivers. I knew I had to upgrade, but I couldn't find anyone to trade with. Luckily, the manager who had Dallas Clark had several injuries and under performers.

Thus, I was able to work out what I originally thought was a solid deal. I gave up Reggie Wayne (my #2 WR) and two waiver wire pickups, and got back Clark, Marvin Harrison, and Rudi Johnson. If the latter two had been having normal seasons, this trade would have been outrageously oneside toward me, but as luck would have it I never got to use either player. Harrison never played again and I finally dropped Johnson out of frustration just days before his biggest game. [NOTE: to anyone in my future leagues, pick up any guy I drop no matter how bad he might seem because he is likely to become a fantasy star in his next game.] That means the trade was really Wayne for Clark, which in the end probably means I lost in the deal. Wayne put up solid numbers for the rest of the season, while Clarke did not--although he was still better than any other TE I had or could find.

On to the second half...

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