Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Leave Romo Alone!"

I am sorry, I know everyone is harping on this, but I just can't let it go. I just find it fascinating that the most self absorbed player in professional sports is actively crying and coming forward in support of another player. It has to be the first time in T.O.'s life for him to realize that there is another person out there other than himself.....oh, and he feels his pain. Do you think the whole team cringed when they saw T.O. walking towards the press conference? I wonder what they think now?

Outside of Romo and T.O. love fest, the Cowboys have to take this loss squarely upon their own shoulders as a team. Sure there was flawed officiating, from a 3rd-down offsides call that led to the Giants’ first TD to a grounding call late in the 4th when Romo wasn’t under duress that pushed them back 10 and cost them a down. We all saw it, but it happens every game.

To win, you have to be able to go beyond those unexpected things and execute your game plan, which the Cowboys just didn't do. They screwed up three short field chances late in the game, even though they knew they needed a TD. The defense did its job, but the offense, I am not sure what they did in practice last week. Dropped balls, bad play calling and skillet-handed play from Patrick Crayton, several bad reads by Romo, these are the things that cost them the game. They are supposed to be one of the league’s most lethal offenses? These guys choked! They fell apart facing a patchwork Giants secondary. And don’t get me started on all the missed tackles, from the first drive to the last. These guys have no excuse. For the second time in two years, they won as a team all year, and they lost as a team in the playoffs. Boo Hoo!

And about the Cabo trip with Yoko Romo, all I can say is that these guys clearly did not take the Giants seriously. At the most critical time in the season, when it is win or go home, these guys were not focusing on football--they went of vacation. But you can't blame this on Romo and Jessica Simpson. Sadly, it wasn't just Romo. The whole team took extended time off?!? At the most important point in their season, they went to Disneyland. Isn't that supposed to wait until after the Super Bowl? Someone clearly got their dates mixed up. Some coach, some where, needs to be fired. Well, at least they all have plenty of time for vacations now. Enjoy the off season boys.

One last note: While everyone is making fun of T.O. (including me), we failed to recognize one key piece of information. For once in his outspoken career, after a very difficult and shocking loss, T.O. recognized that Romo was his quarterback rather than seem intent on dividing the team or pointing blame. That means he might actually be growing up in Dallas, and it suggests there’s always a possibility for the Cowboys next year.

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