Monday, January 21, 2008

Patriots vs. Giants: Who'd a thunk it?

With the league championship games complete, let's take a minute to think about the next Super Bowl. For one, the Pats are finally looking like a normal team. Brady, the poster boy of perfection earlier in the season, threw interceptions. INTERCEPTIONS!!! As a team, the Pats looked tired. Like they didn't really have it in them anymore. If the SB was next week, it would be a safe bet they might get beat. But they do have 2 weeks to relax. Let's hope they go to Mexico with Romo...

And then there is the Giants. Did anyone think this Manning would be playing in the SB? How in the world did that team make it to the Playoffs? Throughout most of the season, the entire team was lackluster at best. Eli Manning was unreliable. They couldn't win at home. Now, they look like the ultimate Away team. They seem to find a way to consistently beat teams in their home stadiums. What gives? Perhaps it is the stress of playing in NY. Eli is a quiet guy. Smart, and sorta shy. NY is a loud, frenetic, and crazy place. Perhaps he should have gone west when he had a chance, cuz it doesn't seem like he likes the attention he gets in NY. But on the road, where no one expects anything from him, he flourishes. That will be good for the Giants in the SB, since it is the ultimate away game.

But the questions about Eli remain: can he handle the pressure? Can he remain interception (and mistake) free? Etc. I can't imagine this will be possible. Of course, I didn't think they would even make into the playoffs let alone all the way to the final game.

Perhaps my luck (or lack there of) will remain true to form. I cannot imagine that the Patriots won't win the Super Bowl. Let's hope I am wrong again...

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