Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Trouble with Remembering

Before I start dissecting my Fantasy Football league from this past season, I want to take a quick minute to address the nature of remembering things in the past. Memory can be a tricky thing. Sometimes we think we know exactly how an event unfolded, but it just isn’t always the case. Our minds play tricks on us, it focuses on details of importance only it can understand, and it overlooks things that should not be forgotten. I will do my best to get everything straight, to include the good with the bad, to see things from as many angles as possible, but I may at times get things wrong or forget them altogether. Memories can be a tricky thing.

I recently watch an interesting movie on this subject. It was called The Final Cut, and I am doubtful it even made it to the theaters. The premise of the flick was that sometime in the future it would be possible to implant a chip in your head which recorded your life through your eyes and ears. When you died, special technicians called cutters went through the footage and created a Remembrance of the life that just past. Well, in the story, the best cutter did the job because of the incredible amount of guilt he had from a memory in his past. Anyways, as he was creating a Remembrance, he found out the tragic event did not happen as he remember it. In fact, the event wasn’t nearly as tragic as his memory recorded it to be nor even his fault. So this defining event in his life, a moment which seemed to alter the course of everything that came afterwards, turned out to be a mistaken memory, twisted by guilt and fear and misgivings. Like I said, remembering can be a tricky thing.

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