Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week 6

Although I went into week six with a record of 4-1, I was really concerned about certain areas of my roster. Due to injury and lackluster performance, there were holes that needed to be filled. I tried desperately to work out a trade which would take care of my problem at QB. I just didn’t trust Rivers (and as time would tell, I shouldn’t have) and I didn’t want to depend on a guy I picked up solely for the bye week as my full time starter (even though Schaub proved reliable when not hurt). Unfortunately, every one wanted the more than their players were worth—especially when they had 3-4 QBs, which is simply wasted bench spots in my book. I understand having a number of RBs and even WRs, but not QBs. I hadn’t had a solid QB so far this season, and it wasn’t stopping me. You can’t say the same thing about RBs and WRs—they make up the largest numbers category on the roster, so you have to pick up as many starters and backups as you can carry, just in case.

Speaking of solid pick ups, I had an excellent week with the waiver wire. I picked up Wynn and Wright on the recommendation of the experts at Yahoo and was more than happy with there performance. It went beyond their numbers, because with 2 more solid RBs in my stable, I knew I would have a much better chance for a trade. And with Todd Heap’s continued useless play and injury based bench performances, I had to find a new TE. I decided to target the top 5 TEs in the league, felling confident that I had enough solid players that I could swing one of them. I didn’t get any bites at first, but the owner of Dallas Clark seemed interested in working a trade. If not this week, perhaps sometime soon.

While I was able to put up another week of solid numbers (75 points in almost all you ever need in our league to win from one week to the next, unless you play the all Pats team of course), I think I made some mistakes with my roster this week. To start, I played Rivers even though I knew he was going to have a tough time against Oakla--------say what? How did Rivers do so pathetically bad this week? Not to take anything away from Oakland, but it isn’t like he played a team people thought was going to be good. What gives with this guy? The only time he does well is when he sits on my bench. I swear, he has to go. Some one in my league has to be willing to trade off one of their QBs, right? Of course, I know Schaub didn’t do much better than Rivers, but the difference was I didn’t expect him to do better. Rivers is supposed to be a superstar, a first tier QB.

Another mistake I made this week was with Portis and Norwood. I knew that Portis was going to struggle against Green Bay. All of the experts said it would be a hard day. Heck, even Bobo the monkey knew better than to play him. Yet, I started him. Worst part of it all, I had a gut feeling Norwood was going to break out this week. It was the reason I drafted him in the first place. The guy is a running monster. He is seriously fast and cuts through DEFs like a knife. The Giants were not doing well so far this year when it came to stopping RBs. This was Norwood’s day, and I listened to the experts and second guessed myself. Not the first or last mistake I would make of this kind this year, but this one hurt because I really believed in Norwood and then turned my back on him the day he finally had a chance to go big. Not to worry, Norwood broke out for 15 point, 87 yards rushing, 51 yards receiving, and 87 return yards. It was like his best game all season, and he did it during Addai’s bye week. The same week I picked him up to fill. Damn, that sucks.

Despite my problems at TE and QB as well as my numerous misjudgments, I somehow one the week, pushing my record to 5-1. This was the best start I have ever had in Fantasy Football. For my money, it doesn’t get any better than this. I had a wining record and I beat the trash talking Champ. But it was not over yet. I had definitely holes to fill, so it was time to start seriously working on a trade. At the very least, I had to get a new TE. If I was really lucky, I would also add a new starting QB to replace Rivers. Heck, if I was lucky, I might even be able to dump him on some unsuspecting sap for a more useful player.

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