Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week 11

With my dominant start, I have to say I was really shocked to be going into week 11 with a 7-3 record. It isn’t that a wining record is bad, but how I lost my three games. One went to the best team in the league; you know the one with nothing but NE players. Then I lost to the reigning Champ, a win which seemed to be the turning point in his season since he hadn’t lost a game since then and was trash talking to everyone in the league on a daily basis. But this last loss went to the worst tea in the league—a team whose owner wasn’t even paying attention to his team, and actually had people on his roster that weren’t even eligible to play. I really was stating to think I might have reached the high point of my season, because if you can’t beat the worst guy in the league then how can I possibly take the championship.

Consumed by disappointment and aggravation, I really believed that I had to turn things around this week if I was going to reach the play offs. As a result, I scoured the waiver wires and listened to every report available from the so called experts. I was committed to success—there would be no more losses in my future.

I picked up several star WRs off the waivers this week, and analyzed every match up for the best player possible. It would be Stallworth next to Housh. Nothing could stop these two. The Pats were on a roll now, and nearly everyone on the team was getting TDs. I was worried about Portis against Dallas, but decided to trust him. He was doing well each week, regardless of the predictions and expert counsel who discounted him. I threw Morris on as well, knowing he would do well again with Alexander out for a second week. I still had a problem with Clark, who may not play much this week, but I figured my other players could make up any difference. As I set my final roster, I could not imagine I would lose this week. I had a 20 point projected margin over my opponent.

Since this week was so important to me, I decided to watch every game possible this weekend. Although this always drives my wife crazy, especially on a nice day, I parked my ass on the couch at 12:30 and didn’t move until nearly 10:30 that night, except of course to get food, drinks, or to relieve myself. Days like this irritate the hell out of her. She just can’t understand why I would spend so much time doing nothing. While I watched games, she cleaned the house, went shopping, got groceries, took the dog for a walk, and went to a movie. Every time she came home and saw me still in the same position on the couch as when she left, she grew more and more irritated with me. Nothing can be worse in life than to be a fantasy widow. Although I try to make it up to her during the off seasons, I know I am lucky she puts up with this shit. I doubt I would, if the roles were reversed, to be honest.

Nothing I did this week seemed to pan out as I wanted. Perhaps, my wife cursed me for my sluggishness and pathetic addiction. Can’t really blame her. Anyways, my team had ups and downs. Schaub returned to play with a huge weekend (19+ points), Addai returned for a solid 11pts, Housh got his normal TD/100 yards, and Morris had a great week—87yrds rushing, TD, 19 receiving; all totaling 51 points. What more could I want? Well, the rest of my team contributing would have been nice. But that isn’t what happened. My remaining 5 spots racked up a total of 13 points. THIRTEEN FREAKIN’ POINTS?????

I don’t even know where to begin. Of course, Clark was bad (and hurt). Stallworth had to be the only player on NE to not score a TD in their 56-10 destruction of BUF. Portis was hammered by Dallas, Folk got half of his projected points, and SD scored no points whatsoever in their loss to JAC. Clearly, the fantasy gods were testing me since two bench WR scored more points between them than my five losers. Damn, I hate this game sometimes. And yes, I end this week 7-4.My great effort to stop my fall from grace had clearly failed.

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