Thursday, February 21, 2008

Week 14

Although I already had a slot in the playoffs and couldn’t really shift up or down in this last week of the regular season, the match up this week was probably the most important one of the season. In week 14 I was matched up against the manager I would meet in the first week in the playoffs. What happens this week could easily predict what would happen in the next. So while a win or loss had no intrinsic value, I was looking at this week’s performance as a basis for my playoff chances.

With so much riding on this week, I spent extraordinary amounts of time tracking down performance predictions, expert reports, and scouring the waivers for the next big star. With that in mind, my line up was supposed to reflect the best players in the week. I was projected to get 75 points to my opponents 74—a situation which left me elated for my prospects in the playoffs. I really thought I had a chance to make it through the first round, even though I was playing against what I thought was the best team in our league in terms of putting up consistent numbers.

But then the games started to play and reality set in. My top roster performed as well as I could expect, besting the projections by 5 points for an 80, which is normally a guaranteed win in our league. Sure, there were guys who didn’t do stellar, well actually more than half my team, but we still did well…right?

Okay, let’s face it; I am completely full of shit. If I hadn’t had two guys with awesome numbers this week, I probably wouldn’t have even accrued 60 points. That is ridiculous. How in the world did I make it into the playoffs. My team sucks. How in the world can I possibly win in the playoffs. I can’t count on these guys for anything. I won’t even bother to wax on about luck or bad selections or poor play or the weather or whatever. This teams sucks, and I am certain to be out of contention after the first game of the playoffs. Loserville, here I come.

Looking at my roster, there is little I could do differently. Crayton was supposed to have a big week. Romo talked about what I great asset he was. The experts noted him as a big producer. It just didn’t happen. Gonzo, on the other hand, was supposed to be hurt and was a last minute play. So who would have thought he would do so well. I am just glad I played Addai at the last minute over Dayne. Addai was supposed to be benched since the Colts made the playoffs and there was concern he would be hurt. Also, who could predict Housh or Clark? Both are go to men in their respective offenses, yet they both were passed over this week. Of course, the Bengals just sucked this week anyways. It is hard to believe that a team with so much talent can consistently suck as bed as they do, year in and year out.

Still, I wasn’t looking forward to the next week. No one on my roster was playing well enough to beat a team who could regularly put up 90+ points. It’s been a good year, but it definitely looked like my miraculous season was just about to be over. There would be no titles for me…

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