Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And the Pats….errrrr…Giants(?!?) are the Superbowl Champs!

All I can say is, wow! I haven’t seen a duller game in a while. Albeit, it was only dull because I really expected Tyree’s amazing catch to be the whole game. Just one stupendous play after another, rather than the defensive clash of wills it turned out to be. I guess I should’ve known better. The Pats really changed their game in the last few weeks, going from an offensive powerhouse to a defensive grinder. Hence, the shift in Moss’ play and success. Still, I didn’t think it would end as it did.

The sweetest justice of it all was being in a room filled with Pats fans when Tyree and Eli made their move. Priceless! When the Pats finished their drive and got their touch down, all the Pats fans were hoot’en and holler’en. Gloating arrogantly like asses, just as their team has consistently done this season.

Speaking of an arrogant ass, did anyone see Belicheck at the end of the game? He calls the game himself (without regard to the Refs), runs over to Coughlin and then leaves the field. He wasn’t even around when the Giants made the last play of the game. Poor sport from start to finish—And, I am not surprised. Sadly, I have never been happier to see a team lose.

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