Friday, February 8, 2008

Week 5

I went into Week 5 very confident. I had a winning record and one of the best teams in the league. I really couldn’t imagine that I was going to lose many games, and looking at my opponent’s starting roster (only 3 solid players/matchups in my opinion: Favre, Alexander, Chicago)—certainly not this week. Now I should point out that Dori’s Destroyers was a new team to our league, and that I am pretty certain the GM of the team had never played any fantasy sport before—which again, only heightened my confidence.

As I expected, my team for the most part did really well this week. My two WRs racked up solid numbers, with Crayton being a great pick up for the week and a perfect replacement for Housh who had a bye week. Another great pick up was Desmond Clark, who gave me a respectable 9 points, much more could expect from Heap on his best day. I also had great days from Folk at K and San Diego at DEF.

But not everything on Team Oilers was rosy. Schaub sucked against Miami, who had yet to win a game so far. My RBs did absolutely nothing, and my bench was pathetic (Todd Heap, I am looking squarely at you). I was really beginning to think I might have some problems: Addai was injured (and I didn’t have a good replacement for him); my 2nd RB, Portis, was not doing well; and Desmond Clark was not a good enough TE to replace the numbers I expected to get from Heap and just wasn’t seeing because the raven’s suck and injuries. Even worse, my QBs were entirely inconsistent. Yes, Rivers returned a solid game, but he was so up and down that I really never felt comfortable playing him in a given week. I mean, the guy could lose a game against pee-wee players one week, and then turn around and destroy the best team in the league. Speaking of which, Schaub and the Texans were no better. I had to find an upgrade at QB.
Because of these issues, I started to look at the teams of my fellow GMs on Sunday and Monday for a possible trade for the next week despite the fact that my team had a decided victory this week and was now 4-1. I felt I was strong at WR and RB (minus injuries), plus several players I was starting to think were losers (yes, Rivers, I am looking squarely at you) had done well recently, so I had some trade bait to dangle. With that in mind, I started looking for an upgrade at my two weakest positions—QB and TE. I hoped to use Rivers (selling high off his recent solid game, of course) and a second player or D. Clark (again selling high) and another player to fill at least one of my problem areas. I had a lot of nibbles, but would something play out…

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