Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Week 3

In Week 3, I was going up against a team called Nature’s Metropolis, which I really thought would be a bad match up for me. Looking at my competitors line up, I really thought I was going to have a tough time. As far as I could tell, my competitor only had one weakness: TE. Which to me meant I might be in serious trouble in this match up. Coming off a loss to the NE team (which I still couldn’t believe just happened), I was really not looking forward to another loss because I still believed I had a great team.

As the numbers came in during the day, I was really getting annoyed. The Nature team was getting one solid performance after another. While only a few guys were having amazing days (Barber and Williams), everyone of his players was putting up solid points. When you can count on 9-12 points from each position each week, you have a good team. In comparison, my team wasn’t doing as well. Reggie Wayne fell of the map this week, Todd Heap underperformed (and got hurt as usual), and San Diego just plain sucked! As I watched the San Diego game, I really thought it was over for me this week. Then Rivers came alive. I couldn’t believe my eyes as he racked up one touch down after another and yard after yard. Based on his past performance, I never expected to get a week like that from Rivers. I hoped for 12-15 points each week, but never thought he could get 23. I also had solid performances from Addai, Housh, Norwood, and Portis this week, and predicted week from Kaeding.

As the points were finally tabulated, I actually won the week. Clearly the fantasy gods were on my side, or they hated my opponent, who lost by less than one point (while I love winning in this manner, these kind of losses always drive me completely nuts. Nothing is worse than to lose by one pass or a few yards, which is why a player intentionally making a goal line knee down is so completely infuriating from a fantasy point of view, while any sportsman respected his stats sacrifice).
Looking over my roster, I really don’t think there were any changes I should have made. I mean, sure, Curry did better than Wayne, but would anyone seriously play Curry over Wayne without knowing in advance that Wayne would have a bad day. Hell no! One thing which happened this weak that did worry me somewhat can be found at the bottom of my roster. I really thought Mark Clayton and Randy McMichael would both have a good year, but it just didn’t seem to be panning out. As a result, they both went on the short list of droppables in case a good pickup appeared in the next week.

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