Friday, February 15, 2008

Week 10

Week 10, like every week before it, revolved around my need for a solid QB. I tried to work out a trade; I scoured the waiver wires; Heck, I even started holding evening prayers just in the hopes someone was listening. And were my prayers answered? You tell me: my best option this week at QB was J.P. Losman. Yeah, things were not looking good for me this week. Although I was matched against a team that had only one 2 games so far, I was pretty sure I was going to lose this week.

Don’t get me wrong, I still had my solid players like Housh, Addai, Portis, and Folk, but they only covered four spots out of nine. And in four of the five spots not filled by reliable players, I had Losman, Patten, Heap, and KC for DEF. I actually decided to play KC over SD at DEF, because I could not imagine SD stopping the Colts—of course, I was wrong. My only saving grace this week is that I was able to pick up Maurice Morris from waivers. With Alexander out this week, Morris was a shoe in to make solid points since the Seahawks are so run happy. So in reality, I thought I had 5 solid players out of nine, which should be enough to win against the last place team in the league, no?

What I didn’t count on was any of my reliable players having a bad day? It would only take one to cause me troubles. But who would have thought that Housh and Addai would barely get 5 point between them. Morris, my recent waiver wire acquisition, was my highest scoring player at 9 points. Portis did well, as did Folk, but KC added very little. In all, I was lucky to accrue 45 points.

Sadly, the worst team in the league beat me bad this week, 74-45. I really was starting to think my best season to date was turning sour before my eyes. I honestly had no idea how I could fix so many glaring problems. It wasn’t just a QB now. Addai was hurt and would be out a couple of weeks, Clark was injured and there was no clue when he would return, Heap was useless as a back up to Clark, I still had no WR to replace the traded Wayne, and the only consistency Rivers could maintain was negative scores.

My great start was going down the drain. I went into the week as the number 2 team in the league, and ended the week wondering how I could even garner a playoff spot unless something good started to happen. How in the world had this just happened? But that is fantasy sports, my friends. One day you can be on top, and the next you can fall to the bottom of the pack. Ain’t life a bitch?

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